Milo's Restaurants

COVID-19 Trust Certified

This certification recognizes that this business has achieved the highest standards in COVID-19 health and safety practices to protect their customers and their employees. Certified is an independent third party certification company. Certified's guidelines are based on requirements imposed by federal, state, and local authorities and are crafted in partnership with our advisory board from Stanford University to ensure they reflect the latest research.

Guideline Resources

Please see below for the list of resources which have been used to inform our requirements for this certification:

COVID-19 Trust Certified requires adherence to all applicable federal, state, and local guidelines as referenced above

Safety Protocols Details

1. Masks and PPE

The most important factor in mitigating the risk of COVID-19 is the effective adoption of masks and PPE (e.g., masks, gloves, barriers, etc.). This establishment has committed to all known safety protocols related to adoption of PPE by employees and customers.

2. Physical Distancing

Ensuring 6 ft of physical distance can help reduce the risk of transmission between individuals. This establishment has undertaken procedures to accommodate physical distancing between employees and customers wherever interaction may occur. This spans the customer experience and non-customer facing spaces.

3. Symptom Screening

An effective way to minimize risk is to ensure no one enters the space while exhibiting symptoms. This establishment is maintaining a symptom-free space across their employees and customers. All employees are screened upon entering and those with a temperature above 99.5 degrees fahrenheit are required to leave immediately.

4. Safe Interactions

Where possible, interaction between individuals should be avoided and the use of shared objects should be minimized. Where this is not possible, this establishment has adopted a number of practices to ensure safer interactions between customers and employees in every instance.  

5. Cleaning and Disinfecting

Regular cleaning and disinfecting can limit the risk of exposure via shared surfaces. This establishment has adopted a rigorous set of sanitary protocols to provide a persistently clean space for everyone.

6. Signage and Procedures

Clear communication, transparency, and training are required to ensure consistency of all safety practices. Not only is this establishment following all required health and safety procedures, it is also ensuring the information is appropriately shared and adopted across employees and customers.

Certified Address(es)
  • Milo’s  Hamburgers – Bessemer
  • Milo’s  Hamburgers – Calera
  • Milo's  Hamburgers – Eastwood
  • Milo’s  Hamburgers – Fairfield
  • Milo’s  Hamburgers – Forestdale

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COVID-19 Trust Certified
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