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62% of customers will choose businesses based on their health and safety practices

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Customer Concern

Customers need to feel safe when they're choosing your business. Build trust in your operations with a COVID-19 Trust Certification in your window.


Hours Saved Weekly

Restaurant managers are wasting hours online trying to decipher government PDFs. Save that headache with our real-time updates.


Guidelines Simplified

Employees are frustrated and confused with the overwhelming amount of information. Let us simplify your COVID operations as your single source of truth.

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A Different Approach
to public health

We believe that it's time we rethink our approach to public health. One thing that this pandemic has made clear is that we need to build more resiliency in our communities. And that starts with the leaders of our communities, the gathering spaces we share, the places that bring our neighborhoods to life: our small businesses.

We're on a mission to help communities and small businesses stay open safely, for everyone.

Trusted Guidelines
‚Äćfrom trusted sources

No more late nights deciphering confusing government PDFs and hundreds of overlapping bullet points. We've built our database of 500+ guidelines from every trusted source, from the CDC all the way down to your county public health department.

Then, we work with our Public Health Advisory board from Stanford University to pick the shortlist which matters for your business.

Your COVID-19

Managing your business is stressful enough. Managing it through a pandemic is a nightmare. Our dashboard and policy analysis team will deliver you the latest updates, requirements, and news all in one place.

Trusted by trusted businesses

How it works

Our COVID-19 Trust Certification program is your ongoing partner in managing COVID complexities.



Validate your health and safety protocols against Certified guidelines


Coordinate Certified training for all employees to ensure compliance


Share your Certification in your window, on Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor


Receive and roll out new requirements as they become available


Provide ongoing evidence to maintain certification standards

Stay Open with Confidence. Get Certified.

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