The safety of your community is our top priority. In order to maintain your certification, we require adherence to all applicable health and safety requirements.

We are the only certification that constantly collects data and evidence to help you monitor compliance. This helps you ensure that you’re doing the right things to make your customers and employees feel safer.
Reported Evidence
Regular Touchpoints
In Person Inspections

compliance model

Through customer, employee, and management reporting, we'll track your progress, identify any discrepancies, and work together to strengthen the strategies you're using. We require a high level of transparency, so that we can help you stay open safely.

  • Masks & PPE
  • Physical Distancing
  • Symptom Screening
  • Safe Interactions
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Signs & Procedures

Our experts
are on your team

Our Policy Research Team is ready to help when you need it. During our weekly touchpoints, our team will review, update, and create strategies with you to help overcome challenges.

Secret shopping
for richer data

We'll perform randomized in person inspections to verify compliance and help us better understand your business. You'll get the data we collect in these inspections to make more informed decisions about your safety protocols.

Supporting you
every step of the way

We’ll be there to guide you throughout the implementation and compliance process. We offer online education, customer support, and we help you improve based on your customers’ feedback. We’re here to help you stay open the right way.